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Kevin Mitnick Web site hackedKevin Mitnick Web site hacked

Instead of the usual description of Kevin Mitnick, his consulting services and books, the famed hacker's Web site on Sunday displayed a vulgar message.

Online vandals, apparently operating from Pakistan, broke into the computer hosting Mitnick's Web site on Sunday and replaced his front page with one of their own. As a result, four Web addresses belonging to Mitnick, including and, displayed an explicit message on Mitnick and hacking.

"The Web hosting provider that hosts my sites was hacked," Mitnick told CNET in an interview Monday. "Fortunately, I don't keep any confidential data on my Web site, so it wasn't that serious. Of course it is embarrassing to be defaced--nobody likes it."

Mitnick's name is synonymous with "notorious hacker" for many. He was caught by the FBI in 1995 after a well-publicized pursuit and spent five years behind bars for wire and computer fraud. Today he is a consultant, has written two books, and spends much of his time on the road at speaking engagements.

Posted by - GoogleFreak

August 23, 2006, 2:32 pm

News Source - CNet

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