Nostalgia Hit

Okay from time to tie we all get that nostalgia hit, when we start to remember events from our past, old friends, fun times and sad times.

So without further ado, and because I may have removed the only evidence of this activity when I launched this new site, here comes the first installment of pictures from some of our LAN parties from years past.

In chronological order. (OCD don’t ya know)

1st Ever September 2003. Attendance was I believe in the single figure type region. (humble beginnings…)

DSC00036 DSC00037 DSC00038 DSC00039 DSC00040 DSC00041 DSC00033 DSC00032 DSC00031 DSC00030 DSC00035 DSC00034


(Re) Meet Eddie

Say hello (again) to eddie.


This guy was our mascot, as such, when me and my old pal John Blood used to run a company called Direct Lan Co. A strange name I know, and its origin was a painful construction from a clan tag we formed (DLC) which stood for Dozy Lookin’ Cuntz. Offensive I know. 🙂